The task of quality control in the Medino is that, on the basis of knowledge and experience, choose the honey of the top quality.

Our laboratory allows us to accelerate the process of analysis and provide our honey compliance with applicable laws and regulations in the food industry.

As the largest producer of honey in Serbia, we have the ability to select the best honey which comes from unpolluted landscapes of the country, due to strict quality controls.

The honey is never heated above 40°C in order to avoid compromising quality. Our food safety team guarantees clean production during which nothing is added nor stripped.

We also use the services of internationally recognized specialized laboratories for honey such as Quality Service International and Intertek from Germany and Eurofins in France.

Thanks to the genuine commitment of all the team, Medino has become a synonym for safety, quality and trust among our customers.

Our equipment is regularly calibrated by accredited laboratories which we have good cooperation with. We are constantly updated with new scientific research and we apply them in our daily work. It is safe to say that even in the field of laboratory quality control of bee products, we took the upper hand.

Our equipment includes:

  • The analyzer of residues in honeyli>
  • Spectrophotometer
  • The colorimeter
  • PH Meter
  • Refraktometer
  • Microscope with polarization